Our Clients
Since 1961, our clients have included some of the world's most prestigious people, organizations and companies. Here are a few of them and what they have to say about working with Mattox Photography.

"Thank you for the pictures from our Young Professionals Party. I appreciate you taking so many wonderful photos." - Robert F. McDonnell, Governor of Virginia

  "...you are an expert, a true professional." - Walter Cronkite

"Thank you for taking my family's photograph for our Christmas Card. It is one of the best ever. I appreciate your professionalism, contribution and thoughtfulness in helping make this annual effort go as seamlessly as possible." - Senator Toddy Puller, Commonwealth of Virginia

  "Exceptionally professional and punctual.."
  "The photos are perhaps the best we have ever had of one of our events and your photography is always excellent." - Robert O. Chase, President, Northern Virginia Transportation Alliance
  "The quality of your work is really outstanding"
  "Thanks for your tremendous help and experience at the inaugural. I can't tell you how many complimentary remarks I've received about the evening." - Tanya Barrett, CMP, The American Institute of Architects
  "You really have a good photographer."  - FCC Chairman William E. Kennard

"Mattox has always done quality work and your reputation throughout the Washington Area underscores that." - Supervisor Michael R. Frey, County of Fairfax

  "..exceptional quality and professionalism"
  "Due to your participation and dedication to this year's country supper, the event was a great success You are indeed the greatest." - U.S. Senator John Warner
  "Very professional!"

"Thank you for your professional expertise in photographing our many special guests at the Leader of the Year Dinner. Your exceptional knowledge of not only who we need photographed, but when to capture them at their best is a unique combination of talents." - Joan S. Miller, The Greater Washington Board of Trade

  " It was the first time in 9 years that the photographer gave us the photos with the names attached."

"How thoroughly delightful it was to see you again and observe, anew, your photographic talents in action at the Scripps Howard Awards banquet. It's no accident why SHF has repeatedly retained you for the key, photographic role at its signature event of the year – because you handle the assignment so superlatively." - Paul K. Scripps

  "Once again, your first-class treatment and professionalism has left a lasting impression on the PGA."
  "Thank you for your services at our installation. The pictures were timely and beautiful." - Mayor William D. Euille, City of Alexandria, Virginia
  "You and your staff are teriffic!"

"Vienna Little League has been in existence since 1953 and Mattox has been our official photographer since 1977. During your annual undertaking of photographing 100 teams and 1,200 players, you are always responsive, professional, responsible and dependable in all facets of dealing with our league." - Bill Cervenak, Chairman, Vienna Little League

  "Thanks!  It is such a pleasure to work with professionals such as yourselves."

"As I have observed your participation at our events over the years, I have been struck by your high standards of quality, efficiency and attention to detail. We look forward to maintaining our relationship for many more years." - Hugh D. Keogh, President, Virginia Chamber of Commerce

  "...really knows what he is doing."  - Henry Ford II
  "Not only do we enjoy paying our bills, but your earned it.", "...you should get an award for the picture"
  "We cannot commend you enough on the professional manner you handled our large group."
  "...wonderful pictures, wonderful prices!"
  "...Outstanding job you did at the White House briefing...right place, right time...", "You have always played a MAJOR role in capturing our association"